Saturday, September 22, 2007

Destination Wedding #1 PARIS

After a splendid week of enjoying many of Paris' treasures (nutella crepes, Versailles, and moules frites, to name a few), my husband and I joined the Jacobs and the Modahls for the marriage of Ashlee and Martin. They were married at Bois de Boulogne, once a royal hunting ground, and later a place where many of the Impressionists (most notably Monet) would paint and smoke cigars. (Someone mentioned it was also the location where Napoleon was married, but don't quote me on that.) It was a colorful small island in a large park (2.5x the size of NY Central Park) to the northwest of the city centre. Aside from the beautiful wedding that took place there, some highlights were: the peacocks that freely roamed the island; the odd man dressed in blue spandex, a blue cape, and blue plastic beak who was followed around by a camera crew; and the very professional maitre d' and waitstaff who served our meal with elegance and pride. Thanks to the Jacobs and Modahls for successful efforts in creating a nearly perfect wedding day!

A little pre-nuptial kiss.

An old rickety elevator in the Jacob's apartment building that made me feel quite claustrophobic!

The ferry we took to get to the island.

You'll just have to believe me on this one, but that is the Eiffel Tower standing in the way distance.

It rained and no one complained.

Perhaps my favorite picture from this day. They were such a fun couple!

It was the most colorful wedding I shot all summer.

As luck would have it, Martin was an hour and a half late for his wedding. Martin had left before the rest of us in order to be at the wedding site an hour early, but had difficulties with Paris transportation and "helpful" Parisians. Above, you see Martin comforting his worried bride.

Kissing. Isn't that why we come to weddings?

It was a happy moment when our maitre d' served the cheese.


One of these was our appetizer (foie gras) and the other was our dessert. Needlessly to say, I enjoyed one far better than the other.

Grandma Gums and Jane had a blast attacking the couple with rice.

Again, with the Paris transportation system. Our ride never came and we had to walk a ways to find le metro.

My first destination wedding was a success! Please contact me via my contact form if you are planning your destination wedding and would like a price quote!