Thursday, May 21, 2009


Nalia and her sister were another instance of 1-3 year olds doing exactly what they want during a shoot, and we still come away with some precious images. I cannot say every minute was easy breezy, but two very patient parents and adorable faces all around made this shoot a success. My favorite are the first and last, but they're all so adorable! To see the full gallery, go here.

Evan and Ellie

Its spring, nearly summer, and as much as I'm looking forward to all the weddings this season, Im also looking forward to enjoying all the kiddos this year. Above all the subjects I photograph, they're the most real and honest of all. Lets face it, if you're between 1-3 years old (which both Ellie and Evan fall into) you're going to smile when you want to, laugh when you feel like it, fall as often as necessary (in mud preferrably) and be enticed by every thing in sight. And with parents as laid back as Nancy and Eric, there's no pressure to get the "perfect shot". We all agree, the best shot is the one that captures that little personality, on good days and bad.
This is just a taste of the day, but you can view the full gallery here.